Review altavoces Rockport Lyra

Review de Robert Harley en la revista The Absolute Sound sobre los altavoces, made in USA, Rockport Technologies Lyra.

Rockport Lyra VTL

“Yet for all its incisive palpability, the Lyra is extremely relaxed, gentle, and beautiful-sounding. It has an unforced quality that encouraged me to unwind and settle down into the listening seat. This quality is directly related to the Lyra’s outstanding reproduction of timbre. This must be a very low distortion loudspeaker, because it is lower in grain, edge, and metallic sheen than any othe speaker I’ve heard. Timbres are utterly liquid, gorgeous as they are in life, organic, and devoid of the synthetic patina that overlays instrumental and vocal textures in even superb loudspeakers.”

“Vocal sibilance was utterly natural, with a full measure of energy but lacking any annoying sizzle. Cymbals were stunning in their transient fidelity, cleanliness of timbre, inner detailing, and long decays.”

“The Lyra sounds “big” in every sense of that word—bass extension and power, dynamic impact, and soundstaging. If you walked into a room blindfolded and heard the Lyra you’d be shocked when you removed the blindfold and saw its relatively diminutive size. The bottom end was punchy and fast, seemingly keeping up with the dynamic agility over the rest of the spectrum.”

Rockport Lyra

Robert concluye su prueba, valorando los Lyra como uno Obra maestra, uno los mejores altavoces disponibles actualmente: “The Rockport Lyra pushes forward the state of the art in loudspeaker design in its elaborate and innovative construction as well as in sound quality. The Lyra delivers a horn-like visceral immediacy with its absolutely stunning dynamic performance. The musical effect cannot be overstated; the Lyra sounds “alive” in a way that other speakers do not. Yet for all its verve and panache, this is a speaker of great delicacy, capable of conveying the subtlest nuance of texture and shading. It’s also the most beautiful in timbre that I’ve heard, combining high resolution with lush textural liquidity. The icing on the cake is the Lyra’s small size—for a world-class reference, which it certainly is—that allows it to fit in many more rooms than other speakers of this price.”

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Review Rockport Technologies Lyra

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