NuPrime STA-9

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Amplificador Integrado Nuprime STA-9STA-9-BLACK_600x600

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Inputs: RCA: Un-Balanced input x 1 XLR: Balanced input x 1
Outputs: Stereo Speaker Out x 1 or Mono Speaker Out x 1
Power: 2 X 120W / 1 X 290W @ 8 & 4 Ohms Peak Output Power: 2 X 280W / 1 X 320W @ 8 & 4 Ohms
Input Impedance: 47k Ohms Input sensitivity: 1.5Vrms at 120W 8ohm
Gain: 22db Signal to Noise Ratio: < -95dB at 1W, 10W, 100W
THD+N: 0.02% (Stereo) / 0.01% (Mono) Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50kHz
Worldwide AC voltage: (115 VAC / 230 VAC) with Voltage Select Switch AC Fuse: Slow-blow, 3A, 250VAC
Dimension: 235 mm W x 281 mm D x 55 mm H (including feet) Weight: 4.75 kg
Color: Black or Silver

amplificadores-amplificadores-estereo-nuprime-sta-9The NuPrime STA-9, a 2 X 120W Class A+D stereo amp, bridgeable into a 290W mono amp, is designed with enhanced even-order harmonic circuitry that mimics the most attractive features of tubed-amp sound without incurring tubes’ drawbacks and limitations. The STA-9’s spacious, transparent, dynamic and luxuriously textured soundstage has to be heard to believe.

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