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UMT Universal Media Transport

Universal Media Transport Plus Details

The Universal Media Transport offers unprecedented performance value. Not only does it come with all the digital outputs you could want, plays every kind of disc and is a music network streamer as well. It requires a 12 V power supply shown below.

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Pick Color

The Universal Media Transport is available in Matte Black or White or any of our many custom colors. Select color and heatsink option:

Pick Optional Clock

When this UMT is going to be used with any DAC other than an MSB DAC, this option will improve the DAC jitter. The Femto 140 offers jitter under 140 femtoseconds. The Galaxy clock offers unprecedented accuracy with jitter under 77 femtoseconds (.077 psec). There is no more accurate clock available for audio. (Not needed when using MSB DAC)

Pick Power Supply

Each Transport must be attached to at least one 12 Volt Power Supply although two are recommended. There are four transport supplies offered and each DAC V power supply also has a transport supply, so you have MANY options.

If you have a MSB DAC V Power Base it is recommended to use it for the video half of the UMT. Then select a second Power Base for the analog part from the Second Supply Section below, with the Signature Transport Power Base being the recommended choice.

For better sound we recommend the Dual MSB Transport Power Base. It supplies power to both video and audio with very clean linear supplies.

A final ultimate option would be to select two Diamond Transport Supplies for the best possible audio and video.

Of coarse you can mix and match a number of other very good options between these suggestions.

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