MSB Platinum S201

PVP: 20.900 €

Amplificador Platinum Estereo MSB S201


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Better than Mainstream Sound

Some amplifiers hold an image together well with multiple instruments playing but were not capable of fully resolving the individual instruments or soundstage. Other amplifiers simply sound wonderful until more than two or three things started happening at once!  We even listened to a few amplifiers that seemed to be completely missing notes in low frequencies!  The S201 amplifier was designed from the ground up to resolve the well organized and truthful harmonics of the best sources like MSBs own DAC IV series. The dynamics get special attention with a quiet and robust power supply with deep current reserves. The S200 plays music beautifully and will hold a solid image for each instrument especially when the music gets complex and many instruments are going at once, with out being harsh or edgy.  It is a Reference Amplifier, and capable of driving the gambit of speakers.

AUDIOELITE España, distribuidor oficial exclusivo MSB Technology para la Comunidad de Madrid, Castilla Leon y Galicia. Somos distribuidor preferente para Asturias, Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Cataluña, Cantabria Rioja, Pais Vasco y Comunidad Valenciana.

AUDIOELITE compra equipos de ocasión de sus clientes y vende tambien equipos ex-demo.