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The Vox Olympian transports you to the time and place of the original musical performance, a huge ‘walk-in’ three- dimensional sound world, with radiant tonality and natural dynamic energy. It is a captivating, otherworldly musical experience that completely transcends the here and now.

 olympian-detailThe unique organic shape and noble materials evoke the golden age of empirical science; the spirit of the gentleman explorer; an outward looking, optimistic era when anything was considered possible. The physical quality of the Vox Olympian radiates these values and resolves form and function seamlessly into a sculptural, harmonious whole.

olympian-detailMade exclusively by hand in England, each pair of cabinets takes 5 skilled artisans 2,000 man hours to build; 1,400 hours for the cabinets alone and 600 hours for the bronze, silver and gold work – executed with absolute attention to detail.
Is this the world’s best loudspeaker? In truth, it’s not for us to say, we prefer to leave it for others to judge.

AUDIOELITE España, distribuidor oficial exclusivo Living Voice para la Comunidad de Madrid, Castilla Leon y Galicia. Somos distribuidor preferente para Asturias, Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Cataluña, Cantabria Rioja, Pais Vasco y Comunidad Valenciana.

AUDIOELITE compra equipos de ocasión de sus clientes y vende tambien equipos ex-demo.