Vivace DAC/PRE

PVP: 1.560 €

DAC Audio Analogue Vivace DAC/PRE


Technical features

Channels                          2

Analog Outputs                 1 RCA, 1 XLR

Digital Outputs                 1 COAX, 1 OPT

Digital Inputs                   3 COAX, 4 OPT, 1 AES-EBU, 1 USB

Trigger OUT                     12VDC

Dimensions(HxWxD)          81x445x390 mm

Weight                   8.5 Kg

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The VIVACE DAC/PRE is a high performance DA converter that combines the latest digital audio technologies with an innovative zero feedback analog output stage. The device is equipped with an unbalanced preamp that can drive a power amp. There are several digital inputs to interface different audio systems and the digital chain is highly configurable by the user. Due to its characteristics the VIVACE DAC/PRE is the perfect link between digital audio sources and analog world with sound performance further enhanced by the contribution of AIRTECH’s technology.

Digital input selection and sampling rate converter using a single integrated for SPDIF receiver (digital input selection and extraction of audio data) and Sample Rate Converter functions thereby reducing the jitter which would occur using two integrated for the same functions. Oversampling of the input signal through two separate clock generators with 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz (in order to obtain multiple frequencies than the entire input frequency), low jitter and noise and with separate power supplies and operating individually depending on input frequency sample rate.vivace-dac-dietro

Possibility to set the sample rate of the output (from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz) while the unit is working and find the best setup. DAC 32-bit / 192kHz Advanced Segment. USBDAC 24bit / 192KHz, Adaptive and Asynchronous mode, compatible with Windows operave systems and Mac OS X up to 10.9. Zero Feedback Output stage. Phone output. Remote control. Graphic LCD display.