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CD Player AcousticPlan Vadi

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CD formats supported:


analog output:

normal, RCA

1,3 V

balanced., XLR

1,3 V

output impedance:


200 Ohm


200 Ohm

signal to noise ratio:

>100 dB(A)

frequency response:

20Hz-20 KHz

digital output:

S/PDIF – Coax

0,5V p-p
75 Ohm


5V p-p
110 Ohm

dimensions (w x h x d):

260 x 170 x 350


19 kg incl. external power supply


frontplate blue, casing silver
others on request

This CD player will also fascinate the real analog lovers. The Vadi is capable in transporting the essence of the musical performance and emotions where other players – even with tube output stages – simply sound too technical. This sound quality is achieved by using ingenious components and expensive manufacturing methods like audio transformers and point to point wiring. A separation of CD transport and D/A converter was consciously renounced to maintain the best data transmission without conversion back and forth to a SPDIF format.
Vadi uses the reliable CD transport CDPro2M which ensures a long life time and an excellent disc reading accuracy.  The transport in combination with the non resonant casing, which consists of thick precision machined aluminium plates, results in an absolutely accurate reading process of the CD.
A total of three power transformers with 9 independent supplies are housed in a separate unit to avoid the smallest possible vibrations to the main casing and to keep magnetic fields far away from sensitive devices. The individual voltage regulators – some as shunt regulators – are executed in discrete technology with far better specifications than integrated circuits.
For tonal reasons both oversampling and upsampling were consciously omitted from the design. The undesirable ultrasonic frequency range is blocked by passive analog filters.
No expense was spared for the tube output stage and its regulated high voltage power supply, completely realized in pure tube technology. The analog section is transformer output coupled, equipped with our own high quality double C-core transformers. All of the wiring for the tube output stage is carried out as point to point hand wiring, which is much more costly than using circuit boards and results in superior sonic qualities.
Vadi provides single ended RCA as well as balanced analog XLR outputs, whereas the latter ones are floating relative to ground due to the output transformer. In addition there are two digital outputs; one single ended RCA (S/PDIF) and a true balanced  XLR (AES/EBU) connection are available.
The Vadi comes with a similarly stylish remote control in a full metal case, which is also capable of controlling the volume in other AcousticPlan products like the Sitar integrated amplifier.
The Vadi has been designed with the idea that the preservation of tonal and timing accuracy is of the utmost importance to realistically reproduce the musical experience.  It is the belief at AcousticPlan that the Vadi meets these criteria where a vast majority of other players fail in one or both of these critical criteria, thus resulting in either a “technical” sound or one that is smooth but uninvolving in the music. The Vadi gives a bold and vibrant sound that is much closer to the sound of the real event.

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