UL-TIM altavoz 1,6m

PVP: 5.047 € Pareja UL-TIM Altavoces 1,6 metros
Cable UL-TIM Speaker 2,5  Metros: 5.707 €
Cable UL-TIM Speaker 3,1  Metros: 6.147 €


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This cable comes in the form of 4 ‘independent’ driver elements. Physical separation of operators + and -.
This methodology added to the our technologies eliminates to the maximum all the phenomena of crosstalk.
Listening is sublime, natural, energetic and tense, musical space becomes present, palpable emotion.
Available in fork or banana tunnel Rhodium.UL-TIM-Haut-parleur-5

Dedicated to high-end systems and high-end cables in this series still argue uniformed, strength and precision, the nature and extent of bandwidth, the multitude of information transmitted from the source carve carnal, human reproduction.


Cable high-definition excellence, series UL – TIM pushes even the generally ‘accepted’ audible limits.

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