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CABLE TIM-REF Modulation RCA 1 Metro


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Connector Rhodium RCA lockable.
For superlative systems, they are the extent of the links they connect, without concession.
At the concert or studio in your living room.tim-réf-modulation-RCA-1

Uncompromising series TIM Référence redefined the links very high-end, it sublimates all systems and provides a unique readability, an intense articulation, almost an embodiment.

Achieved performance all of the summits and the best interpretations take all their senses.

“A few meters from these sophisticated accomplishments placed between the links are sufficient to transform any set hautefidelite whatever ‘ is the price.”

Magazine high fidelity 2014


Review Audio Video Prestige 2010tim-réf-modulation-RCA-3

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