IN-TIM Digital RCA

PVP: 756 € CABLE IN-TIM Digital RCA 1 Metro
Cable IN-TIM Digital RCA 1,6 Metros: 851 €
Cable IN-TIM Digital RCA 2,5 Metros: 992 €


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Cable Digital 75 Ohm, RCA lockable Rhodium seamless.
Share a copper and development owner, this high end cable brings finesse to listen and additional refinement.
It transmits data with ease and transcribed a music full of subtlety.
Subjective boundaries of the system are extended in 3 dimensions and music take its full meaning.IN-TIM-digital-RCA-spdif-1

For high-end systems, the IN-TIM series delivers a sum of unsuspected details by releasing the potential of the links it has support to connect.
Developed without concession, this line implements a proprietary technology that absolute Creations has patiently developed.
To define musicality our customers have not hesitated to evoke the more laudatory virtues: ‘sheer transparency, strong, respect for stamps, holographic soundstage, quilted details, vertiginous silences… ‘. »
This series represents the missing on the fun scale, and allows the best electronic components to deploy a rare elegance.

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