Crescendo Integrated

PVP: 955 €

Amplificador Integrado Audio Analogue Crescendo Integrated Amplifier


Technical features

Channels                2

Input impedance       40KOhm

Power on 8Ω load    50W @ 0.05% THD + N

Power on 4Ω load    80W @ 0.05% THD + N

Line Gain               6dB

Power Amp gain      27dB

Frequency Response(Att. 0dB, -3dB band)         150 KHz

Input Noise(Band limits 0Hz-80kHz/A-weighted) < -100 dBV

SNR> 100 dB

Dimensions(HxWxD) 81x445x390 mm

Weight          10.5 Kg

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The Crescendo Integrated Amplifier is the first amplifier in our catalog to enter Audio Analogue’s world, characterized by a very high value for money and with absolutely amazing performances for the price range of the product, is definitely a reference for its category. The Crescendo Integrated Amplifier is in fact designed according philosophies “true high end” in all its parts. In designing Audio Analogue, as always, did not bet only to the electrical specifications, but we also worked mainly on sound and in collaboration with Airtech, the Crescendo integrated amplifier has further evolved: internal wiring made with 7N OCC copper, the same used for the prestigious AIRTECH cables, components of even higher quality and especially a few simple tweaks in the right places, yield a surprising musicality for equipment of this type. In addition to the sound performance improvements, it was designed a new aluminum front panel, always clean design and straightforward, but thicker and with exclusive workmanship.crescendo_amp_amp