Audio Alchemy+Aries

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Pack Compuesto por DAC Audio Alchemy DDP-1 Y un aries miniDDP-1_front_SM


Frequency response
±0.05 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
±0.1 dB, 10 Hz to 80 kHz

Nominal THD+N (1 volt)
<0.001% at 10 volts output from analog input
0.009% at 7 volts from XLR output, 3.5 volts from RCA output

Signal-to-noise ratio (1 kHz)
103 dB unweighted

Headphone amp output
1 watt at 32 Ω

Maximum digital input sampling rate/bit depth
32-bit/216-kilohertz on PCM
2.82 Mbps (DSD64) on DSD

Input impedance
50 kΩ

Output impedance
75 Ω

Channel separation (1 kHz)
-123 dB analog input
-100 dB digital input

Analog Inputs
stereo XLR, 2 stereo RCA

Digital inputs
USB, AES/EBU, 2 RCA coaxial, 2 Toslink optical, I2S, auxiliary USB for firmware updates

Stereo XLR and RCA, ¼-inch headphone jack, 12-volt DC trigger

Digital filter profiles
Linear phase, fast roll-off
Linear phase, slow roll-off
Minimum phase, fast roll-off
Minimum phase, slow roll-off (apodizing)

Available finishes

3.0 x 10.5 x 11.6 in / 76 x 267 x 295 mm (hwd)

8 lb/ 3.6 kgDDP-1_back

Digital Decoding Preamp / DAC / Headphone Amp

In an attempt to make this new digital world a better sounding place, we set out to create the highest quality Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amp that could deliver exceptional, world-class sound for under $10,000. The result is the DDP-1 – a three-in-one powerful all-analog preamplifier, DSD-compatible digital-to-analog converter with dual digital signal processors and a headphone amp, all housed in one compact machined-aluminum chassis for under $2,000.  DDP-1_left_angle_SM

Refine & Redefine Digital

Unlike most digital preamps and DACs, the DDP-1 employs sophisticated digital processing that gives it superior sound quality, dramatic noise reduction and flexibility. The ability to select from four output filter profiles and output resolutions means that you can get the most out of each digital file. Layered on top is Audio Alchemy’s world-renowned jitter control technology, which gives digital files that smooth, velvety analog quality we all love. Add the modular PS-5, a balanced power supply to maximize the DDP-1’s dynamic range and filtering to produce a rich sound that can compete with much larger and more expensive units.

Sound Engineering

The digital section uses dual 32/216 PCM/DSD AKM DACs with seven digital inputs. Internal DSPs provide four output filter profiles and user-selectable output resolution. A proprietary DAC configuration raises dynamic range of digital signals by approximately 8 bits, and a multistage phase-locked loop reduces jitter to the picosecond level. The analog section provides discrete FET driver and output stages, a high-precision Alps volume control and XLR and RCA inputs and outputs.

Key Features
·      3-in-1 Analog preamp, DAC with dual digital signal processors and headphone amp
·      Resolution enhancement from 16 to 24-bit and 24 to 32-bit digital signals
·      7 digital inputs supporting a myriad of music players, PC’sand media devices
·      3 analog inputs to ensure your entire music collection stays on heavy rotation
·      Optional balanced power supply to boost overall performance
·      Small highly attractive design equally at home in tabletop or desktop use in smaller rooms or offices or highend system rack
·      A USB connector allows easy firmware updates
·      Control is easy, thanks to an IR remote and illuminated front LCDDDP-1_internal+copy

Aries Mini32916aries1

El Auralic Mini es una pequeña gran revolución en el audio high-end. Pero no nos volvamos locos , es un nivel de entrada. Eso sí , nivel de entrada audiófilo…