ASR Emitter 1 Basic

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Amplificador Integrado ASR Emitter 1 BasicASR EMITTER I-600x600


The emotional sound of the Tube with the Power and Precision of the Transistor ! Therefore the ASR Emitter are built different to most other common amplifiers : ASR Emitters are main-amplifiers with input-selector and volume control – you don’t need a preamp. The power supplies have separate compartments, the input-, driver-, and output-stages have their own supplies each with separated rectification and generous buffering with many capacitors. The volume is regulated with relays, the casings are made out of tonally neutral acrylic. With the ASR Emitter you can listen many hours totally relaxed ! The ASR Emitter I is available in two versions : Emitter I and Emitter I Exclusive : The ASR Emitter I is well equipped with expensive parts for his price and the ideal amplifier for a highquality High End setup especially with very demanding loudspeakers with critical impedance curves. With the sum of his special technical solutions, the ASR Emitter I is a well available part for high class High End equipment for your home. The ASR Emitter I Exclusive is even better equipped and the right amplifier for the Hifi Connoisseur, that asks for even higher resolution of fine details and even more precise sound picture. The Dimensions of the ASR Emitter I Exclusive allows a good integration in your living rooms. All possible improvements of the ASR Emitter I are built-in in the ASR Emitter I Exclusive. The ASR Emitter I Exclusive has a very fast and by this “alive” Sound picture with perfect resolution of finest details. Through his extremely high speed, the Emitter reproduces the three-dimensionality of good records genuinely into your hearing-space. The sound of the ASR Emitter I Exclusive remains relaxing and homogeneous. With the optional battery power supply the ASR Emitter I Exclusive sounds even more relaxed – the three-dimensionality of good records become even more precise, the interpreters stand stable at certain places, finest details like the “air” around the instruments become perceptible

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