Luxman MQ-300

PVP: 24.500 € Ud.

Amplificador Estereo Luxman MQ-300 

Vacuum tube stereo power amplifier MQ-300, while seeking range to signature machine MB-300, which was announced on 31 years ago, in order to bring out the fullness of the performance and tone with the latest direct heat triode TA-300B, thoroughly It is a vacuum tube amplifier, which was born by making full use of the scrutiny has been parts and circuit. Luxman of sound making of Principles (creed), to pursue “without exaggeration honest, natural sound quality and sound field feeling,” “a sense of unity and a sufficient amount of information of the sound in all the bands”, I want to forever listen without “listening tiring thing in order to realize the sound “, Luxman is, the wisdom and tradition over since its inception 90 years was put to the MQ-300. By there is the music to express to leave, evoke the original fresh breath music from love 聴盤 -. MQ-300 is a special single that you can enjoy to your heart’s content the best part of the audio.


AUDIOELITE España, distribuidor oficial exclusivo Luxman para la Comunidad de Madrid, Castilla Leon y Galicia. Somos distribuidor preferente para Asturias, Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Cataluña, Cantabria Rioja, Pais Vasco y Comunidad Valenciana.

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