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Midbass 6 ½” custom carbon fiber sandwich composite cone Audiotechnology
Tweeter 1” modified ScanSpeak Beryllium dome
Height 42.00″
Width 11.00″
Depth 12.00″
Weight 115 lbs. each
Frequency Response 35 – 40 KHz, -3dB
80 – 30KHz, +/- 1dB
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 85 dB SPL/2.83 v
Min. amplifier power 30 watts

The Alya was designed specifically for the discriminating music enthusiast who wants the highest quality reproduction, but has limited space. Although it is our most diminutive floor standing model, the Alya’s robust and extended presentation are astounding given its physical dimensions. Standing a mere 41 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 12 inches in depth, the Alya capitalizes on its floor standing cabinet architecture to take full benefit of the existing enclosure dimensions to provide the most extended bass response in the smallest footprint possible.

The Alya’s construction is unique in the Rockport Technologies line, and utilizes an aircraft grade, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy billet front baffle, compression mounted to an 11 ply, high density fiber board enclosure. The 5-axis, CNC machined aluminum baffle is meticulously polished and then finished with a satin black hard anodized coating, and provides a beautiful contrast to the deep piano-black lacquer finish of the cabinet. A special viscoelastic layer is used between the aluminum baffle structure and the enclosure, forming a constrained mode damped composite of the baffle and enclosure, taking full advantage of the aluminum baffle’s enormous rigidity while optimizing the damping of the enclosure system.


Also unique to the Alya is a highly modified ScanSpeak beryllium tweeter encapsulated into its own custom machined aluminum rear enclosure via a high hysteresis epoxy. This assembly is compression mounted into the rear of the aluminum baffle through the use of a 4 inch diameter threaded machined aluminum retaining ring, providing optimum coupling between the tweeter assembly and the baffle.

Bass and midrange frequencies are handled by our latest generation 6 ½ inch mid-bass driver specifically designed for this application. The driver’s high linearity, low compression motor system built by Audiotechnology of Denmark is coupled to Rockport’s own custom variable section thickness, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone. Together, these drivers deliver an ultra-high resolution, remarkably wide bandwidth, highly textured presentation that takes full advantage of the inherent simplicity and purity of the 2-way format.alya3Custom machined aluminum bars in conjunction with threaded steel rods create compression between the aluminum baffle and the enclosure. Because of its exceedingly low 35 Hz tuning frequency, the Alya’s bass extension is surprising for a cabinet of this

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