Crescendo CD Player

PVP 955 €

CD Player Audio Analogue Crescendo CD Player


Technical features

Channels                         2

THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs          <0,003%

THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs       <0,005%

Dynamic Range                 97dB

Noise Level                      <-120dBV

Output level                     2V

Analog Outputs                 1 RCA

Digital Outputs                 1 coaxial

Trigger IN                        12VDC

Trigger OUT                     12VDC

Dimensions(HxWxD)          81x445x390 mm

Weight                   7 Kg

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The Crescendo CD Player comes from a deep research in which it was decided to implement technologies previously used only on Hi-End products. The challenge was undertaken with the additional requirement to maximize the value for money ratio and trying to get the best out of a project in itself simple and minimalist, but thanks to refined technical solutions allows to reach audio performance far superior to what would expected from a CD player in this category.

The CD Mechanism used is the CD-5010B specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio applications. The DA conversion circuit is composed of a TI receiver very low recovered system clock (Jitter residue of 50ps) and a TI DAC 24Bit/192KHz Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture. In this product Audio Analogue has focused heavily on the output stage where it was decided to undertake a new project line. We made an active filter of the fourth order that, together with single pole filter inside the used DAC, we obtain a filter of the fifth order.Crescendo_CD_HiRes_rear

Such high order filtering allows to choose “freely” the cutoff frequency of the filter output with excellent performance results especially for the soundstage definition. The problem with this approach (reason why it is only used in high price-range products) is the increase of distortion and noise due to the number of stages passed by the signal, problem solved by designing each part and choosing each passive component in order to reduce overall distortion and noise and obtaining, after a long work, a surprising result. With the contribution of AIRTECH’s experience and technology, an already successful project was further elevated and above all thanks to the use of 7N OCC copper wiring (the same used for the prestigious AIRTECH cables) and selected components, there is a further refinement of the already excellent sound performance, also a new brushed aluminium front and finely worked helps to further enrich a product that can be considered Hi-End for every characteristic.